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Turn Work Into A Workout With The Right Office Chair

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What do you look for in an office chair? Do you look for a huge, comfortable chair that you could sleep in if necessary?WebMD reports that sitting all day can lead to all kinds of chronic health problems like heart disease, obesity and even mental health issues. However, it can be hard to stay upright when you work at a desk all day. By choosing the right office chair, you can avoid some of the problems that come with being sedentary and you can actually build strength. Read More»

Protect Your Basement From Water Damage With These Tips

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After hearing news of so many severe weather events around the world, you may have decided to start making sure that your home is safe in the event of a hurricane or severe lightning storms. One of the first things you may decide to do is to make sure that your basement is protected from water. Here are some ways to do that. Do a Foil Test   If you regularly see wet patches on the floor or walls of your basement, you need to determine where the water is coming from, so you know how to handle it. Read More»