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3 Appliances No Breakfast Restaurant Can Afford To Overlook

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Opening a breakfast restaurant is a great way to get to know people within your neighborhood, serve a specific need within your community, and make a profit while you're at it. Aside from a fridge, freezer, and stove, there are a variety of kitchen appliances you can take advantage of to help make your new breakfast restaurant a success. Consider making use of the following options:

Stainless Steel Shredders

Shredding all the potatoes for hash browns that will likely be popular at your breakfast restaurant can be time consuming without some solid shredders to take advantage of. Your kitchen should house at least one large stainless steel shredder for every prep chef on your payroll. All your stainless steel shredders will resist corrosion, hold up well to extreme heat temperatures, and last for many years to come without the need for major maintenance or expensive repairs. You can use your shredders to process carrots, garlic, onions, greens, and other ingredients that are needed for omelets and other breakfast dishes that you plan to serve.

High-Powered Blenders

An excellent way to process large amounts of ingredients such as garlic and onions, or to create luscious breakfast shakes and smoothies, is to incorporate a few high-powered blenders. These machines will make easy work of processing things such as pancake and biscuit mixes, bread doughs, and even ice creams within just a couple of minutes. Buy a different blender from two or three different companies that feature high-powered options and use them for a few weeks to determine which you like the best. You can then round out your kitchen by ordering a couple more machines from the brand that meets your needs the best.   

Large, Easy-to-Clean Griddles

You'll also appreciate being able to cook your customers' pancakes and eggs on large griddles that are easy to clean. Your best bet is cast iron because the material is resistant to high heats, which will help keep food from burning, it doesn't release toxins into food like other types of pots and pans do, and you can put them in the oven when it's necessary to keep food warm or reheat it when it has become too cold to serve. Cast iron griddles are also easy to clean and require virtually no scrubbing to keep in optimal condition.

These kitchen appliances are sure to help you maintain a successful breakfast kitchen no matter what your competition looks like. Contact a company like Taylor Freezer Sales Of Arizona to learn more.