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Three Unspoken Rules Of Building A New Home In A Residential Neighborhood

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Buying a plot and setting up a home in an established neighborhood is the best way to get a two-for-one special. You get a house that is built to your specifications along with a family neighborhood with values that can help increase the worth of your home. The hardest part about becoming a member of a family neighborhood is starting and finishing the building construction. Here are some unspoken rules for setting up a home in a neighborhood that will help you make friends in the neighborhood, rather than enemies. 

Discontinue all heavy construction at night

It is fine to perform construction during the day when most people are at work or going about their day. The noise may be somewhat of a nuisance, but some noise is expected during the daytime. Stop the construction when most people are returning home for the evenings in their neighborhood. If you need to work on an all-day schedule, perform the building construction during the day, then work on some of the smaller item, such as light fixtures, carpeting, or laying down flooring, during the night time. This will allow you to make progress without making people angry. 

Give your neighbors a heads up

It is always a good idea to give your surrounding neighbors a heads up about construction that will be going on in the neighborhood. You can knock on doors and introduce yourself, then let the neighbors know that you are constructing a new house and apologize for any excess noise they may hear. Most neighbors will be happy to know what to expect so that they can prepare ahead of time in case they need to make other arrangements for noise-free time. If you do not have time to introduce yourself in person, you can write a small note to the surrounding neighbors, and include a kit with candy, baked goods, and ear plugs. 

Do not block out others' light

If the neighborhood is full of two story homes, putting up a four-story modern home may not be the best idea. This can block out natural light from others homes, plus make your neighbors angry. Adhering to some sense of neighborhood continuity will keep your neighbors happy and will make it much easier to have an assigned value to your home in the event that you wish to sell later on. Being a conscientious neighbor during building time will make you the neighborhood star early on. 

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