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Growing A Lush Lawn Without Using Chemicals In The Process

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If you have children who enjoy spending time outdoors, and you do not currently have a lush lawn for them to play upon, you may want to start the process in growing grass without the use of chemicals to do so. Maintaining a lawn will keep a protective layer in place for your children to use for their playtime,  while improving the appearance of your property in the process. If you do not wish to add chemical agents to your lawn in an attempt to keep your children safe from health risks, you have some alternatives available. Here are some tips you can use to grow your grass using natural methods.

Have The Soil Analyzed To Determine Treatment

The best way in finding out what types of organic products to add to your lawn for positive growth, is by finding out the condition of the soil. If your property's soil is lacking specific nutrients, you will not know what they are without a proper analysis. Contact a local nursery to inquire about how to get a soil test done in your area. A local university cooperative extension department may also give you an address you use to mail in a soil sample for analysis.

Prepare The Soil For Planting Grass Seed

It is best to use a power aerator to aid in the addition of soil nutrients. Once you find out what your soil is lacking, purchase any nutrients needed from an online source or a lawn fertilization service. Make sure you select organic nutrients for this purpose. Use the aerator to loosen compact areas of soil on the area you intend to plant grass. Add a layer of organic compost over the soil to help encourage growth. This contains beneficial bacteria to increase the health of the soil as well nematodes to remove pests from the area.

Add The Seeds And Encourage Growth With Fertilizing Treatments

Plant organic grass seed into the soil and make sure to water according to your area's needs. A fertilizing agent should be applied to the soil to help in the growth process. Nitrogen-based chemical fertilizers are usually used for this purpose. Since you are staying away from non-organic fertilizers, visit a local garden center to purchase an all-natural fertilizer instead. These will include the nutrients needed without the harsh chemical content. Sprinkle the fertilizer over the ground so seeds have the needed benefits to grow properly.

Maintain The Lawn Throughout The Growing Season

Mowing your lawn will keep it looking in the best of shape. Placing your lawnmower's blade a bit higher than its normal positioning however, can also be beneficial in keeping weeds away. Weeds like dandelions require a lot of sunlight to grow. Longer blades of grass will shade the ground, making it harder for weeds to grow. You will have to do more frequent mowing sessions, but it will be worth the lush lawn you retain as a result.