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Tranquil And Terrific Turquoise: How To Use The Color Turquoise To Bring A Soothing Energy To Any Room Of Your House

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If you want to bring the perfect balance of serenity and energy to your home, look no further than the color turquoise. Whether it's the starring color or the supporting color in a room, turquoise is a terrific choice in home decorating.  

Trendy Turquoise

Turquoise is hot in home design and for good reason. It has warm undertones, but it's also intense enough to bring an element of energy to a room. It performs well as the main color in a room, but it's equally winsome when used as a complementing color.

Turquoise also plays well with other hues. Whether peach is your passion or you can't resist the fiery shades of red, turquoise is a great team player. It plays exceptionally well with coral, moss green, white, and gray.

Turquoise in the Kitchen

In a white kitchen, turquoise makes a great accent color. Use it to paint trim, the bar stools, an island bar, or a pantry door to add an energetic pop of color. A turquoise and white striped or geometric curtain topper above the kitchen sink will complete the look.

Many small appliances are now available in turquoise. If you want an easy way to transform the look of your kitchen, look for toasters, mixers, blenders, and cookware in turquoise.

Turquoise in the Dining Room

The soothing aspect of turquoise makes it a great choice for the dining room. In a neutral-colored dining area, painting a buffet stand turquoise may be all you need to create a dramatic but peaceful look. 

Use turquoise dining room drapes to draw attention to a window. Use white sheers behind the drapes for an elegant look. Look for turquoise chair cushions, place mats, and cloth napkins to create a relaxing dining room atmosphere.

Turquoise in the Bathroom

Invite turquoise into the bathroom, and you will be saying goodbye to a boring bathroom. Since most bathrooms are small, a little turquoise goes a long way. A turquoise shower curtain may be all you need to change the look of the room.

Other small ways to get turquoise into the bathroom is by painting a picture frame, vase, or cabinet door. You can also display a few turquoise towels and washcloths for a fast pop of color. 

Turquoise in the Living Room

Paint living room walls turquoise and watch a tranquil transformation take place. Nearly any color of furniture will contrast well with turquoise walls. Brass and copper look stunning when paired with turquoise. Look for lamps and end tables with brass and copper accents. 

Add an area rug in the center of the room in a print that contains a touch of turquoise. Look for floor-length drapes in beige, gray, or antique white to complement the turquoise walls. Accent the sofa with plenty of pillows in muted shades of blue, green, coral, and red.  

Turquoise in the Bedroom

Exciting things happen when you take turquoise to the bedroom. Expect to drift off the dreamland faster when you're surrounded by turquoise walls. Use lacy or sheer white drapes to soften the energy of the walls.

Choose a white bedspread, and accent the bed with pillows in other soothing colors, such as coral, gray, and moss to complete the peaceful look.

What's not to love about turquoise? It works wonders as a lead or supporting color. From the kitchen to the bedroom, turquoise will transform your home into a soothing, yet energetic, living space.