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How To Decorate Your Child's Room With A Christian Theme

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Are you moving into a new home or are you redecorating your child's present bedroom? Perhaps he or she has outgrown the baby furniture and you are wanting a totally new look in the child's room. If you have decided to decorate with a Christian theme, that will be a great way to teach Bible stories. It will also be a good way to reinforce values you want your child to learn. From art for the walls to rugs for the floor, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create a peaceful and cozy place for him to play and rest.

The Walls - One way you can decorate the walls with a Christian theme is to hang framed posters that depict scenes from the Old and New Testament. Imagine a huge poster that shows Noah and all of the animals on the ark. Think about putting a poster of Jesus with children over your child's bed. It will be a wonderful way for your child to go to sleep.

In fact, a special thing for you to do is to tell your child that he or she can pretend that he or she is one of the children pictured with Jesus Christ. Another idea is to have a mural that covers one entire wall that shows Jesus with His twelve disciples. Add smaller framed Bible verses close to the posters.

The Floor - Whether you have chosen wood, tile or carpet for your child's floor covering, continue the Christian theme with religious rugs. A colorful rug that depicts the Ten Commandments, another one of Christ with a little lamb, and one that shows Christ being baptized by John the Baptist are just some of the rugs that would look nice and teach a lesson at the same time.

Choose colorful rugs that match your child's bedding. And, for safety and convenience reasons, select rug pads to go under the rugs. Rug pads are not expensive and they will help the rugs stay in place. They'll also make the rugs more comfortable for your child's play and reading time.

The great thing about rug pads is that they are designed to last for a very long time. Because they'll be covered by the area rugs, they'll stay nice and clean, too. However, when you do feel that it's time to freshen them up, just vacuum them. If you need to spot clean them, use a mild cleanser and let them air dry.

Shop at Christian stores, antique shops and at yard sales where you can find unique decorating pieces to enhance your child's room