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The Differences Between Rain Gutters And Seamless Rain Gutters And Why It Matters

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Not all rain gutters are created equal. In fact, the latest trend in gutters for your home are seamless gutters. This is a bit of a misnomer, since there are still seams involved, but the seams are at the corners and peaks of your home and nowhere else. There are many reasons why homeowners are now choosing to replace their current gutter systems with seamless gutters, but before you make that leap to convert your gutters, here is the information you need that shares with you the differences between traditional gutter systems and seamless gutters and those differences matter.

Traditional Gutters

Traditional gutters are prefabricated in factories and are typically cut to just a few specific lengths. That means that your roofing contractor has to cut some sections of gutter to fit and then use fasteners to hold the gutter pieces together. These sections where the pieces meet are weak points that can eventually and potentially become source areas for leaks. If you live in an area of the country that is battered by heavy rains most of the year (e.g. Florida) then traditional gutter systems are a water damage disaster waiting to happen. Traditional gutters work best in dry, hot and desert terrains.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are technologically advanced in that your contractor is the manufacturer. He or she measures each and every side length of your roof, then creates and cuts a gutter that is the precise length of every side of the roof. Then the gutters are seamlessly attached to the edges of your roof such that there is little opportunity for water to flow backwards under the shingles. The only fasteners needed and used are at the corners and points, where the gutters need to be joined to keep water from dripping through to the ground (and your foundation!) below.

Why the Differences Matter

The differences between the production and installation of these two products matter because seamless gutters are superior in many ways to traditional gutters. They are more decorative, quicker and easier to install, and drastically reduce the possibility of water leakage under your roof and in your walls. However, you will pay more for the seamless gutters up front in order to get the benefits they offer over time. If you can afford seamless gutters now, they may be the smart investment you are looking for as well as a way to improve your home's long-term value. Talk to a professional like Rainbow Gutter Co or others to see about getting seamless gutters on your home.