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Preparing Electronics For A Move

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If you are moving to a new home, you are most likely busy making arrangements and packing your items so they are safe while in transit. Taking precautionary steps when preparing electronics for a move is necessary to protect your monetary investment. Here are some steps you can take in preparing your electronics so they are not damaged between your old home and new home.

Gather Information First

Before packaging your electronics for shipment, collect all receipts and warranty information and make copies of them for your moving service. They will need this information if there is a mishap that causes damage to one of your items, allowing you to be reimbursed for your loss. Take photographs of each electronic item to use as proof of their condition before they get on the moving truck. Make sure there is a time and date stamp on each photo. During your photo-taking session, take a picture of the wire configuration of each item while it is still working. This will help you reconnect each electronic item properly once it gets to the new home.

Use The Right Container

When packaging electronics, it is best to use the original box and padding used when you had purchased it. This allows movers to know what it inside the packaging, as well as giving it an enclosure already made to safely house the item with its specifications in mind. If you no longer have the original packaging, use a sturdy box with ample room for cushioning.

Prepare Computer Equipment

If you are moving a printer, it is a good idea to take out the toner and ink cartridges before it is packaged. This will help keep them from leaking on the printer, possibly ruining the mechanisms if the printer is jostled around in transit. Take any compact discs out of computers as they may warp if the moving truck's interior gets too hot. This is also a good idea for stereo systems. Leaving a disc inside could cause the disc drive to become stuck. It is also a good idea to back up all information on computers before securing them in a box with padding.

Use The Right Padding

If you do not have the original padding for one of your electronic pieces, use bubble wrap or a moving blanket to wrap around the item. Plasma televisions are best wrapped in a moving blanket so they have adequate protection while moving. Smaller electronic items can be wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and then another layer of material, such as a soft towel, before placing inside a box. Fill any voids in the box with packaging peanuts. Contact a local mover, like Frank and Sons Moving and Storage Inc. Agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving., for more information.