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Kangaroo Rats In Your Yard? What You Need To Know About Safe Removal

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Kangaroo rats have hind legs that are longer than their front legs and a long tail. They typically forage for seeds, but have also been known to eat plants and leaves. If your yard's been infested with these small rodents, the burrows they leave behind can damage the yard and any landscaping growth. Some species of kangaroo rat are endangered, though, so it's important that you contact a professional to deal with the infestation. By hiring a pest control service, you can be sure that they are dealt with in accordance with the local laws, particularly if the species in your yard is on the endangered list.


Trapping is one method for eliminating kangaroo rats from your yard. If the species on your property is endangered, you'll have to opt for a live trap to protect the rat from harm. Once caught, the rodents can be safely relocated away from homes. If the species on your property isn't endangered, your pest control company may give you the option of snap traps instead. For the best chances at trapping these rats, place the trap near the entrance of the burrow, not inside it.


There are a few pesticides that are approved for use with kangaroo rats so long as they aren't the endangered species. Opt for a pellet pesticide for this kind of job. That way, you can spread it into whatever food source the rats have found or the bait you choose to put out. If you've opted for pesticides, it's definitely in your best interest to let a professional pest control company handle it. They've got the expertise needed to get the job done right and safely.


Once you've dealt with the infestation on your property, you'll want to make sure that they stay gone. To do this, you need to create barriers on your property. Install cloth or wire mesh fences around your yard to keep them from coming in. Choose a fence that's a few feet tall. You'll also want to think about installing the fence so that it's at least a foot below the surface of the ground. That helps to keep them from burrowing back into your yard.

Any time you're dealing with a rodent infestation, it's in your best interest to address it right away. Left untreated, you risk the rodents gaining access to your home in search of food. Talk to a local pest control company today about dealing with the kangaroo mice in your yard.