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Commercial Vs. Residential: 2 Reasons Why Commercial Wins The Race

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Many people assume that the only people who use commercial lawn mowers are those who own their own business. However, that isn't the case. Many homeowners today are turning to commercial lawn mowers and stepping away from the residential units they once had. Why you ask? If you have a large lot to mow, a residential unit simply isn't going to be able to compete with the commercial ones. In reality, there are many advantages to owning a commercial lawn mower that you might not have ever thought of before. Consider the following when making your next lawn mower purchase.

Durability is abundant in commercial lawn mowers.

One of the biggest reasons why many individuals turn to a commercial mower is because of how durable they are compared to their residential counterparts. Even though you might not realize it, the commercial mowers are built with a much higher grade of parts than those found in the residential units.

Because of this, they end up costing more than a typical residential unit. From the engine down to the tires, all of the parts are high-quality. You won't have to worry about replacing parts or doing repairs as quickly as you might with a residential unit.

Bring on the cutting decks.

Another huge difference between the two is their cutting decks. A residential unit is going to have a much smaller cutting deck because they are designed to cut a typical plot of land averaging about one to two acres. If you have 10 acres of land to mow, you would be out there for quite some time mowing and the mower would take a lot of wear and tear in the process.

The blades are made of a stronger steel, allowing them to rotate quicker and reduce the amount of clumping involved. Commercial mowers have a much larger deck allowing you to cut more grass at one time. In turn, you end up getting your lawn cut in a fraction of the time compared to if you were using a residential mower.

You have to consider how much land you have that needs to be mowed on a regular basis. Anyone who has a large plot of land should spend some time checking out the different commercial lawn mowers on the market today. Check with a local supplier, like Bensalem Lawn Equipment, to see the options. In the end, you will be glad that you made the switch to a commercial mower for your home.