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3 Tips For Storing And Organizing Kitchen Appliances

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If you have a lot of small kitchen appliances in your kitchen, you might be finding it difficult to store them and keep them organized. Here are some easy tips for knowing how and when to store certain appliances.

Separate Appliances Based on Their Use

You should always start by separating your appliances into categories based on how often they are used. For example, some of your appliances are used every day or close to it, so those appliances should be kept on the counter. This might include your microwave, toaster, and coffee maker. Other appliances are just used occasionally, but not every single day, such as your electric can opener and blender. Put these appliances in the cabinets, but try to keep them on the lower shelves and near the front.

The last category includes appliances you only use for special occasions, such as a bread maker or waffle maker. These appliances can go in the top shelves since you only need to pull them out every few weeks or months. If you have an appliance purchased as a gift and it's still in its original box three years later, it is probably time to donate it.

Purchase Multi-Use Appliances

There is no reason you need to have a blender and a food processor if you have a small kitchen and are struggling to find room for both appliances. If you purchase a high-quality blender, it should be able to blend drinks and chop up fruits and vegetables, which allows you to get rid of your food processor. The same thing can be said for using a waffle iron to make panini's and hot sandwiches, or using your stock pot to cook rice instead of buying a rice cooker.

Store Pots and Pans Elsewhere

If you can't find room in your cabinets for your appliances, it is probably due to pots and pans taking up too much space. A great way to remedy this problem is by finding somewhere else to store them. There are pot racks that not only give you another place in the kitchen to store your pots and pans, but it can also be neat to see them hanging from your ceiling. This also makes it more convenient to quickly grab a pan you need while cooking instead of struggling to pull it out of the cabinet.

Aside from these tips, make sure when you store your appliances, you do so by size and shape. Keep the taller and larger appliances near the back of the cabinets and the smaller appliances near the front. Wrap the cords around each appliance to make more room in the cabinets. 

Storing your appliances correctly is also important to their maintenance and can affect how long they work for. For more information and tips, contact a local appliance company like Arnold's Appliance