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Turn Work Into A Workout With The Right Office Chair

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What do you look for in an office chair? Do you look for a huge, comfortable chair that you could sleep in if necessary? WebMD reports that sitting all day can lead to all kinds of chronic health problems like heart disease, obesity and even mental health issues. However, it can be hard to stay upright when you work at a desk all day. By choosing the right office chair, you can avoid some of the problems that come with being sedentary and you can actually build strength. Here are some examples of office chairs that can improve your body while you work. 

Exercise Ball Chair

You might have seen people use an exercise ball in place of a desk chair. If you don't want your chair rolling away, you can buy a chair that is actually a frame into which you can place an exercise ball. You will still be using your abs to balance yourself, but your chair isn't going to leave you on the floor when you are in the middle of a meeting. 

Tall Stool

When your feet don't touch the ground, it is harder to slouch. You have to hold yourself up with your core. Pick a chair with no arms or back that is tall enough to leave your legs dangling. 

Standing desks have become very popular, and the high stool pairs perfectly with them. With a high stool, you can get the benefits of standing at your desk with an alternative for those times when you want to take a seat. 

Bouncy Spring Chair

This is a small stool with a seat that gives you some bounce. The seat is attached to a large spring that allows the chair to move with you and also lets you swivel in all directions. The resistance and bounce are adjustable, so you can customize your challenge according to your mood or work schedule. 

Curved Bottom Chair

Choosing a desk chair with a curved bottom will allow you to wiggle and swivel throughout your day, giving you a great ab workout. Choose a chair that is curved one on side to work your sides and keep yourself upright. For a bigger challenge, use a desk chair that sits on a base that is curved all the way around. You will be holding yourself up in all directions and working your entire core. 

You might not be able to avoid having to work at a desk all day, but you can pick a chair that can make you stronger as you work. For more advice and tips, speak with experts like Office Furniture Barn.