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A Master Key Lock System Can Add Convenience To Your Home

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Master key systems aren't exactly new. Commercial property owners have been using these systems for years. However, many homeowners miss out on the benefits this type of locking system can offer them. Installing a master key lock system can give you the security and access you need.

What Exactly Is A Master Key?

A master key system is a lock system that affords you complete access to your property. With a traditional lock system, each lock is accessed and operated with a specific key. A master key system still offers this type of feature, but it also allows you to access all the locks on your property with a single key, a master key.

Choosing A Master Key Locking System

When it comes to choosing a master key lock system, the first thing you need to consider is how many people need access to your home. A homeowner who has service personnel such as maintenance or cleaning staff come into their home more often would need a different system than a homeowner who doesn't have these individuals accessing their property.

If you do have service personnel in your home frequently, you want to install a system that has a change key, maintenance key, sub key and a grand master key. This type of system will offer you greater control. If you don't have these types of personnel coming into your home on a regular basis, you can simply have a master key system with a grand master key only.

What Are The Advantages?

There is a fairly common misconception that master key systems offer inhibited access to whomever holds the key. However, this isn't entirely true. Master key systems do allow you to limit access to certain areas of your home. For example, the change key, maintenance key and sub-master key can all be designed to only work in certain areas, such as the main entrance or other common areas.

However, you can reserve the grand master key for more private areas of your home, such as your bedrooms. This allows you to determine who gets access to what. In the end this can offer you invaluable peace of mind. The grand master key is the only key that has complete access to all the areas of your home, keeping you protected.

A locksmith professional such as Bob's Lock & Key can help you transform your current home system into a convenient, all-in-one, master locking system.