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Landscape Design: Where To Use Natural Stone Pavers

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Stone pavers, also called paving stones, are slabs of stone that are used throughout the yard. There are two types of stone pavers: natural and manufactured. Natural stone is often the preferred type of paver, which is made of different types of stone, such as bluestone, sandstone or granite. They can be used in many different areas of your yard and for a wide range of purposes. Here are the best places to lay down natural stone pavers and improve the appearance of your yard.


If you want a more decorative and interesting driveway, natural stone pavers are the perfect option. Instead of having a drab asphalt driveway or plain concrete driveway, you can lay down paving stones. Choose from a variety of colors, finishes and sizes to pave your driveway. One great thing about pavers is that they are heavy enough to lay down without needing cement, but you can also cement them together for a more finished look. The final look of your stone driveway is completely up to you.


A common purpose for natural stone pavers is for walkways. You may want a walkway that goes from your front yard to your side yard and around your backyard. Another walkway that is functional and attractive is going through your lawn in your backyard to different points of interest, such as a water feature or vegetable garden. They make beautiful and interesting walkways that also provide the convenience factor.


If you don't want a complete walkway in your yard, you can still use the stone pavers as steps in your garden. Since there are so many designs of pavers, this allows you to be creative. They can all be the same for a uniform look, or you can choose a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to add more interest to the garden steps in your yard.

Outdoor Living Space

You have many other areas in your backyard that natural paving stones can be used for. You can use them on your patio, around an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, or underneath a gazebo. They also work great as a stable flooring material for an outdoor courtyard, kitchen, or sun room.

Natural stone pavers are found at any home improvement store. Browse the different styles among the different types of stone that is available. If you want to save money, you can choose manufactured stone pavers that have the appearance of natural stone. (For more information on natural stone, contact a company such as Old World Stone)