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Why You Should Choose A Low-Pile Carpet For Your Children's Playroom

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As a parent you take the safety and security of your children very seriously. For this reason, you are probably wondering what the best flooring option is for your children's playroom space in your new home.

By far, the absolute best choice for playroom flooring is a low-pile carpeting that is installed over a substantial pad. The logic for this choice is as follows:

Options Eliminated Immediately

The first step for choosing appropriate flooring is to eliminate those options which are obviously not appropriate. In the case of a children's space, a thick pile carpeting will be too susceptible to staining. On the other end of the spectrum, tile and cement flooring options are out because they are too hard and can easily cause injury when children are playing. 

Hardwood flooring is very hardy, but it can be damaged by children and pets. For this reason, hardwood is also not a great choice to use in a child's play space. Area rugs can be used to cover hardwood, however, and that can be a decent option if the room is on the smaller size.

Considerations for Vinyl Flooring

On the surface, vinyl flooring may appear to be a good option for playroom flooring. However, this just isn't the case.

Vinyl comes in two different types:

  1. sheet vinyl
  2. vinyl tiles

Sheet vinyl is very easy to damage with sharp objects. Once vinyl becomes damaged it is nearly impossible to fix and will have to be completely replaced.

Vinyl tiles can easily be replaced when one becomes damaged, but no matter how well you install the tiles, they always manage to move around a bit. This movement is a big problem in areas with a lot of foot traffic. Additionally, water and food particles can get between the tiles and cause and unhealthy environment that is hard to clean and disinfect.

Low-Pile Carpet is the Answer!

There is a reason that most commercial buildings and schools choose to use low-pile carpeting in their buildings. Low-pile carpeting is safe and easy to keep clean. 

For a home environment, you will want to install your low-pile carpeting over a thick padding, which will give the carpeting a softness to protect little knees and noggins.


The best option for playroom flooring is to purchase a low-pile carpeting. A low-pile carpet will be easy to clean and, when installed over a good padding, will provide safety and warmth for your children. Adding decorative area rugs can add to your decorating scheme as well as adding extra padding and stain resistance to your wall-to-wall, low pile carpeting. For more carpeting ideas, contact a company like National Carpet Mill Outlet.