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Kitchen Remodel: Pros & Cons of Granite Countertops

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Granite is a beautiful and stable material that is often used for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. The material is not only very difficult to scratch or burn, but it comes in many colors and styles. Many modern and contemporary kitchens use granite countertops, choosing from finishes like flamed, sandblasted, brushed or polished. Before you choose this material for your own countertops, it helps to know about the pros and cons.

Pro: Granite Does Not Scratch Easily

If you had problems with your last countertops due to scratching from knives or other scratchy textures being placed on it, you won't need to worry about that with granite countertops. They are known for their hardness, which makes them resistant to scratching. Of course, if you use them as a cutting board, a strong blade can cause scratching on the surface.

Con: It Must be Sealed

While granite on its own is hard and resistant to different types of wear and tear, it still needs to be sealed. If it is not sealed properly or you don't get it sealed often enough, you might be dealing with stains and residue when it absorbs wine, juice, or oil. It can also hold onto extra bacteria if it is not sealed properly. Some types of granite needs to be sealed on a regular basis, such as if it has been untreated. If you don't want to seal it frequently, get treated granite for your countertops.

Pro: There Are a Wide Variety of Options

When it comes to the appearance of granite countertops, you have an almost endless variety to choose from. There are many different grains, finishes and colors. Whether you want a polished red granite countertop or a classic off-white granite that has a sandblasted look, you can get it for your kitchen.

Con: It is More Expensive

Granite is one of the most expensive materials to use for your countertops, just behind marble in price. You are not only paying for the sleek and sophisticated look of the material, but the hardness and easy maintenance. They last a long time, so the price you pay can be considered a great investment in your home.

Pro: It is Resistant to Stains and Heat

As long as the countertops are sealed properly, you won't have much trouble keeping them cleaned and well maintained. Granite is very resistant to stain as it does not easily absorb liquids when it is sealed. This also makes it very easy to clean and keep in its best-looking quality for many years. In addition, you can place a hot pot on the countertops and it will not warp or become damaged from the heat.

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