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A Step-By-Step Guide To Using A Rug Effectively In Your Living Room

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Rugs can be an oft-overlooked addition to a cozy living space. They take away the chill of a cold floor, protect a high traffic area from scuff marks, and can even reduce echoes in large rooms. Arguably most important, though, is the way a rug can add to the decor of a room. Rugs can tie a room together, or function as a focal piece in their own right. If you're considering buying a rug for your living room, follow these steps to ensure you get the perfect rug to finish your space.

1. Choosing the right rug

The right rug might be a solid color, or a loud pattern. It might complement your current furniture, or match it exactly. You may want something classic and timeless, or modern and geometric. With the huge variety of rugs available, you're sure to find something that suits your tastes perfectly. While you search, keep in mind the following:

  • pattern (How loud do you want your rug to be?)

  • size (How large is the room? How much furniture do you have?)

  • color (Do you want something bright and eye-catching? Easy to clean?)

2. Living room layout

Consider where in the room to place the rug. Do you want to gather your furniture around it? Is it there primarily to serve as decoration? Or does it need to be placed to cover some imperfection? Move your furniture accordingly. This may mean pulling your furniture away from the wall in a "floating furniture" plan.  

3. Arranging the furniture on the rug

In order to maximize both the space and appearance of an area rug, you'll need to arrange your furniture accordingly. Based on the size of your rug, decide how you want to arrange your furniture. If the rug is large enough for you to fit all of your main pieces in their entirety, you can create a luxurious feel to the room. If you chose a smaller rug, you may want to place only the front feet of your couches and chairs on the rug, or even keep all furniture off of it. Aim for symmetry, or thoughtful and purposeful asymmetry. If you were purchasing a runner for a hallway or other traffic area, you may want to anchor your rug by placing lamps or tables partially on top of it.

4. Enjoy your redesigned living room!

Now that you have a new look to your living room, consider other areas of the house that rugs might help to tie together - The bedroom, or the dining room, for example. Get used to using rugs to change the look of the room while simultaneously preserving your floor. Talk to a professional like North Carolina Furniture & Mattress to get more ideas about how to use rugs effectively.