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Tips For Caring For Your Drapery Treatments

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When it comes to drapery treatments for the windows of your home, selecting and caring for them are of equal importance. The care of your drapery treatments depends on the material that they are made from, as well as their overall construction.

Here are some useful tips to make note of in regards to properly caring for your drapery treatments.


While drapery treatments are naturally meant to hang in the windows of your home, exposing darker-colored treatments directly to too much sunlight can actually ruin the drapes. The sunlight from outside can cause the dark colors to fade, while lighter-colored drapery treatments are more resistant to this since they reflect sunlight. One remedy for this situation would be to use either blinds or shades right next to the window, with the drapery treatments hanging behind them.


Caring for any lined drapery treatments in your home is a fairly simple task. All you have to do is give them a slight shake when you close them at night before you go to bed. Furthermore, once a month, you should also consider vacuuming them with a handheld vacuum that has a soft brush attachment so the drapery treatments will not get damaged.


Some people choose to wash their drapery treatments in their washing machine at home without first looking at the washing instructions. With drapery treatments, it is essential that you look at the washing instructions and only wash them in your washing machine if they are marked "washable." Generally, you will want to wash them on the "gentle" cycle with a mild detergent and cool water. When the time comes to dry the drapery treatments in the dryer, be sure to set the dryer to the "low" setting; however, if you prefer, you may also hang the treatments up to air dry.

You will want to avoid washing drapery treatments if they are not marked as washable, if too much color has faded due to prolonged direct sunlight exposure, if the treatments are too large for a washing machine, etc.


Another way to properly care for your drapery treatments is to iron them if necessary. Generally, you will want to iron the treatments on the reverse side, or the side that touches the window itself, in order to get the best results.

These are a select few of the many tips that you can make note of in order to ensure that your drapery treatments, like from Sylvans & Phillips Drapes and Blinds, are properly cared for and well-maintained for years to come.