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Four Steps To Installing Central Heating On A Boiler

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Some people like radiant heating and some people don´t, but if you have a boiler, you want to change it over to central heating. A heating professional can do this by adding ducts, a heat exchanger and a few other things. If you want to have central heating from your boiler, here are the four steps that will need to be done to convert it:

1. Removing Old Radiators In Your Home

If you do not want to have radiant heating, the first step in the conversion will be removing the old radiators from your home. These can be recycled or sold to someone that has radiant heating when they are removed. You may also want to consider having a combination system, which combines central heating with the radiant heating. This can give you the benefit of both of these systems and increase efficiency. You will also not have to pay for the labor of removing the radiators.

2. Adding The Plenum And Additional Ducts For Central Heating

Once you have decided what you want to do with the old radiators, you will be ready to prepare the ductwork. If you already have central AC, you will just need to have a plenum built to connect to the ducts. If there are not any ducts installed, you will have to have the ducts installed in your home and the plenum, which will deliver the warm air throughout your home. This is something that any heating professional will be able to do for you.

3. Connecting The Fittings And Valves On The Boiler

Once the ductwork is ready, the next step is preparing the boiler for the installation of pipes and the heat exchanger. If you choose to combine the central heating with radiators you already have installed, you can have an adjustable valve installed. This can be used to control the amount of hot water that goes to the heat exchanger or radiators. The heating service can also install a control module, which can automatically adjust valves for optimum performance of your heating system.

4. Installing The New Heat Exchanger For The Plenum

The last step in changing over your boiler is to install the heat exchanger. With a central heating system, this is a coil that hot liquid circulates through, which is located in the plenum of the system. The blower forces air through the heat exchanger and into the ductwork, where the hot air is then distributed throughout your home.

If you want to have central HVAC with your boiler, these are the basic steps to converting it to central HVAC. You can contact a heating repair contractor, such as A Bailey Plumbing, to have these improvements done to your heating system.