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Three Things You Didn't Know Martha Stewart Could Do

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Love her or hate her, Martha Stewart is one clever lady. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and has proven that she is not just a domestic goddess, but a pretty handy person to have around in a pinch. For those that don't care about the right way to iron bed-sheets or how to bake zucchini bread, she also offers some handy advice for some very practical home projects that could be helpful to you.

1. She can repair and replace a window screen.

When you find a hole or tear in the screen of your window, many people may not realize how easy it is to repair. You can either take the screen window off and take it to a local hardware store for help, call for a professional like United Glass Service Inc, or you can try to repair the damage yourself.

She demonstrated this in easy steps on her once-popular television show:

  • For small repairs, remove the window and use glue or adhesive to pull together the pieces of the hole. Allow to dry thoroughly before replacing in the window.

  • To replace the entire piece of screen, remove the window and gently pull out the molding holding the screen in place with a small hammer or chisel.

  • Pull out the staples holding the flawed screen in place.

  • Replace with the same size piece of new screen. Hardware stores will cut this to order.

  • Staple the screen in place. Replace molding using tiny finish nails and a small hammer.

2. She can make a mean martini.

Martha prides herself on being an excellent hostess, and part of this is knowing how to make a cocktail. A good martini means something different to everyone, but Martha asserts that shaken with ice is the way to go. Whether you prefer yours with vodka or gin and regardless of if you prefer an olive to a twist, the temperature of the drink is key.

For an icy cold martini, try the following suggestions:

  • A great drink is shaken with ice. Fill a metal shaker with ice cubes.

  • Pour in your ingredients. In this case, add gin and dry vermouth.

  • Cover the top tightly with another shaker or glass. Shake until condensation begins to form on the outside of the shaker.

  • Break the seal of the lid and remove. Strain liquid into a martini glass and garnish, if desired.

3. She can build a birdhouse out of a garden gourd.

Another surprising skill that Martha demonstrates is birdhouse-building. If you want to nurture your fine feathered friends, you can also create your own birdhouses using some simple and unconventional items. For instance, Martha makes them using the gourds from her garden.

To make Martha's birdhouse, try the following:

  • Start with a large dried gourd that has been cleaned. These can be purchased from online suppliers.

  • With a pencil, draw the various ports on the outside of the gourd's shell that will get cut for the house. You may want to add pieces of PVC pipe to serve as a perch for feeding birds.

  • Use a jig-saw to cut or drill the holes for the bird.

  • Empty out any dried seeds that are inside.

  • Drill holes near the narrow top of the gourd to hang.

If you thought that all Martha Stewart does is sew Halloween costumes or bake bread, you are mistaken. She has taught viewers and fans tricks to completing all kinds of life projects, from repairing a window screen to serving up a perfect cocktail. Give them a try!